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May 2021

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Series Introduction

Welcome to the next evolution of the "Meet Me In..." research series. The goal of the series has always been to educate, create awareness, and highlight key facts about where, how and why the physical networks that make up the world's information infrastructure meet.

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New York


As mentioned in the Series Introduction, the original series only featured telx at 60 Hudson St as a result of a maximum word count allowed in the magazine. The Meet Me Room landscape in New York City was different back in 2003 for sure. 111 8th Avenue didn’t have NYC Connect yet, which telx ultimately acquired in February 2007, and 32 Avenue of the Americas didn’t have the Rudin MMR yet, which telx ultimately acquired, and Telehouse at 25 Broadway doesn’t even exist anymore, so depending on when the original article was written, it would have been all about telx anyway. There were definitely other places to interconnect, but just none as network dense and that was, and is, the name of the game for Meet Me Rooms as well as Internet Exchanges. Everyone wants to know who is already there that they can connect to. It is what makes the business case.

Read the original 2003 article

Read the original 2005 article


A lot has changed in terms of locations where networks interconnect in New York City, as the data shows, but one thing has remained the same. Critical mass begets critical mass, and at the physical layer once it is established it is difficult, if not impossible, to unseat. There are now 20 physical addresses in the New York City area with 36 colocation facilities associated with them, meaning some addresses have more than one colo in them. 60 Hudson St still sits on top of the density list having both the most facilities and Internet Exchanges present.

New York Internet Exchanges

Since there are multiple facilities at some addresses and some IX’s in multiple facilities within them the orientation is by address to IX. This of course begs the question, which facility at an address with multiple facilities has access to all of the IX’s at that address? The answer is typically the facility that is the official building Meet Me Room. That is the point of a MMR. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case that direct access to all IX’s can be had in a MMR because some MMR operators have their own IX that competes with the “neutral” IX's and it might be difficult to get a direct connection, cost effective connection, or any connection at all. These matters must be dealt with on a case by case basis, but at the very least the charts give a visual picture of the network landscape.

Finally, it would be too obvious not to mention that fact that the "New York City” metro interconnection market encompasses many facilities in New Jersey. This actually isn’t unique. Just ask the New York Jets and New York Giants. They both play in the same stadium in New Jersey, yet New Jersey has no football team. The truth is that searching for the best place to get connected has its challenges and it starts with knowing what network is actually in which facility at a specific address. Interconnecting via a distributed IX across multiple facilities helps alleviate the issue, but only to the point where a private, physical interconnection is required.

The tables below display live data on all IXs in the region highlighted in this map image.

New York - Internet Exchanges by Location Address

Archived May 1, 2021

All data is courtesy of Live data is refreshed nightly. If you see innacurate data for your organization, or your organizaion is missing, please update or create your profile at and allow 24 hours for this table to update.

New York - Networks by Internet Exchange

Networks (ASN’s) are listed as “accessible” via an IX. Accessibility is on a VLAN basis. This does not imply that the networks are physically present in the Facility. To know if a network accessible on an IX is also physically present in the same Facility as the IX please visit the NV Research Facilities Page (see list below this table).

Archived May 1, 2021

All data is courtesy of Live data is refreshed nightly. If you see innacurate data for your organization, or your organizaion is missing, please update or create your profile at and allow 24 hours for this table to update.

New York - Facility Owners With Access to Internet Exchanges

The following list includes all of the facility owners (organizations) for the facilities found in this page's data. This list is automatically updated daily as the tables above update.

NOTE: For an organization to appear in this list, they must have at least one facility related to their organization in PeeringDB, and at least one of those facility must be in the geographic area defined in this article.

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