Open Access Network Infrastructure is critical for any modern economy if it wants to stay alive and relevant. Job creation, productivity and economic development are hinged upon direct, unobstructed access to the greatest number of the highest speed networks and content at the lowest possible costs. Newby Ventures research aims to promote awareness of the significance of Open Access Network Infrastructure and to present data and analysis in a way that is accessible and informative to individuals with various levels of familiarity with the network infrastructure industry.

Interconnection Search

Search for Internet Exchange and interconnection-related facilities, peers, and organizations. This search application utilizes data from PeeringDB and aims to present it in a way that is beneficial for those interested in network-neutral data centers and carrier-neutral interconnection.

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Global Internet Exchanges by City

A list of every city/metro area in the world with at least one facility that houses at least one Internet Exchange.

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US & Canada National IX Maps

An interactive visual representation of which states and provinces in the United States and Canada have Internet Exchanges, how many there are, and lists of the IX's.

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The "Meet Me In..." Series

Over 20 years of industry research translated into a series of articles that educate, create awareness, and highlight key facts about where and how the physical networks that make up the world's information infrastructure interconnect in North America.

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