About Newby Ventures

About Newby Ventures

Newby Ventures, a Delaware limited liability company, is a personal holding company for interests held in a variety of entities including entities listed on this site. All entities have a range of investment type, ownership interest, partners and capitalization structures from passive investment and minority interest to principal investment and full control. Although Newby Ventures has a fairly wide scope in terms of its fields of interest, investments of time and capital are selective.

About Newby Ventures Research

Over the past 20 years, Hunter Newby has been active in the network infrastructure industry as both an investor and an innovator. In 2003, Fat Pipe magazine published a series of articles over a course of three years written by Mr. Newby. The "Meet Me In..." research series' goal was to educate, create awareness, and highlight key facts about where, how and why the physical networks that make up the world's information infrastructure meet. The series now evolves again, in the year 2021 – 18 years after its start, featuring the Internet Exchanges that exist today in the 21 markets covered in the original series. The new research series features daily-updating data (database courtesy of PeeringDB).

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About Hunter Newby

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Hunter Newby is an American entrepreneur, investor, conservationist and the owner of Newby Ventures. His primary field of interest has been network infrastructure. As Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer and a Director of Telx, he pioneered the carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room and the development of carrier hotels and data centers in the United States leading to massive value creation and economic development throughout the Country. Since the sale of Telx he has been and continues to be a founder, developer and investor in the creation of multiple network-neutral infrastructure businesses all across North America.

Mr. Newby is a recognized authority in the network-neutral interconnection and data center industry. He has served on multiple company boards, is a published author, public speaker and has been quoted in several publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. He has also been the recipient of numerous awards including being named to the Global Telecoms Business Top 40 Under 40 in 2010.

Mr. Newby earned a B.S. in Communications from Drexel University.


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