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SUKU's Newsletter Welcomes Newby Ventures

Published on June 11, 2020

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Source: SUKU @ Medium

SUKU – a Newby Ventures entity that is transforming the way supply chains operate – introduces Hunter Newby as their newest advisor in their June newsletter. When asked about his sentiment on becoming part of the SUKU Team, Hunter replied:

”I have seen this movie before with the transition from legacy TDM protocols to IP and lived through the doubters and skeptics who all became believers and now simply forget the past. Blockchain will too become part of the fabric of everyday life and taken for granted in the same way IP has been. The scale of blockchain makes IP, and the Internet itself, look small in comparison and that is what excites me most about SUKU.”

Read the full introduction and learn more about SUKU's recent updates by visiting the link below.

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