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Rapid-fire pitch: SUKU's blockchain-based supply-chain-as-a-service

January 7, 2019


SUKU is “a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to make supply chains more efficient, transparent, and collaborative by offering a supply-chain-as-a-service platform to enterprises,” according to the company’s website. SUKU is a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

FreightWaves first reported on SUKU in September 2018.

SUKU’s technology has a layered architecture: if the ‘bottom’ layer is the cloud-service provider infrastructure that hosts and operates nodes, the SUKU blockchain protocol would be the next one up, followed by SUKU core, “a set of core supply chain features used directly by trading partners,” and finally a “top” layer of SUKU apps and services. Because SUKU’s protocol will be open-source, a community of developers will be able to build their own add-on features and applications that can run on the network powered by SUKU tokens.

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