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World’s leading Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX to support Connected Nation & Newby Ventures in closing the Digital Divide in the US

May 16, 2023

Newby Ventures is pleased to announce this very unique and highly impactful deal. We look forward to the partnership and the positive results it will have for America. A special thank you to Tom Ferree CEO of Connection Nation and Ivo Ivanov of DE-CIX for their vision and commitment to closing the digital divide through network-neutral interconnection.


Strategic partnership will enable DE-CIX edge IXs in smaller cities and rural areas to significantly improve regional Internet performance

Frankfurt (Germany) and Washington, DC, (U.S.), 15 May 2023. DE-CIX, the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchanges (IXs), and Connected Nation Internet Exchange Points (CNIXP), a joint venture between nonprofit Connected Nation and Newby Ventures, today announce a strategic partnership for the establishment and operation of edge IXs in unserved and underserved markets across the US to significantly improve regional Internet performance. CNIXP’s objective is to build new carrier-neutral interconnection facilities in at least 125 regional hub communities in 43 states and 4 U.S. territories with the primary support of public funding.

This exclusive agreement paves the way for DE-CIX to serve as the IX platform operator within CNIXP facilities. The project will be undertaken as part of the “DE-CIX Nexus Program for Edge Interconnection”, including integration of each new IX into DE-CIX’s North American and global ecosystem, fostering the development of new connectivity hubs away from the major metropolitan centers. These IXs will enable one-hop connectivity to the nearest major exchange, including DE-CIX’s IXs in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Richmond VA, among others, including existing independent IXs.

DE-CIX’s proven ability to develop successful ecosystems – and over time to close gaps in previously greenfield interconnection markets – will be leveraged for the success of the partnership. As an Internet Exchange operator, in the business of interconnection for close to three decades, DE-CIX has built up the world’s largest data center and carrier neutral interconnection ecosystem, bringing together thousands of networks accessible from data centers in more than 600 cities worldwide.

“People and businesses – and in particular the research and educational sector – in American cities beyond the major hubs need and deserve better Internet performance – faster, lower latency, more resilient, and more secure access to content, clouds, and applications,” explains Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX. “Establishing Internet Exchanges in CNIXP facilities will enable people all over the nation to participate more fully in the digital economy, with all the benefits this brings. DE-CIX is proud to support the expansion of high-performance digital infrastructure together with Connected Nation and Newby Ventures, as a step towards closing the digital divide in the US.”

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