Enhancing Connectivity Options on the Continental Edge

March 7, 2017

Manhattan may receive the lion’s share of attention for being the financial and media capital of the world, but look a few miles east to Long Island and you will discover a thriving community that is growing to be every bit as important to global commerce and communications as the core of the Big Apple.

Long Island, offering numerous subsea cable landing stations as well as a physical bypass around the typically more expensive and generally congested Manhattan telecommunications market, is now set to become a top destination for network operators seeking affordable, low-latency subsea connectivity to international destinations. Strategically located between Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island, New York is a major landing, regeneration and interconnection hub for submarine cables running between North America, the Caribbean, South America and Europe.

Just recently, the Long Island market gained a major improvement in connectivity thanks to a new relationship between 1025Connect and DE-CIX New York, a carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange operator with multiple platforms across the U.S., including a distributed platform across major carrier hotels and data centers throughout the New York-New Jersey metro market, and an exchange throughout the Dallas, Texas, metro market. 1025Connect, Long Island’s premier network-neutral carrier hotel and data center, will serve as DE-CIX New York’s easternmost access point, providing customers with lower network traffic exchange costs, reduced latency and enhanced Internet Protocol performance at the “Continental Edge” of the network.

In turn, DE-CIX New York will provide 1025Connect customers with direct access to a robust, meshed Internet Peering Exchange and Layer 2 access to over 150 unique networks facilitating direct access between Caribbean, LATAM and European networks that are looking to peer with U.S.-based content providers without them having to leave the subsea system meet point on Long Island.

DE-CIX New York will also provide 1025Connect customers with access to a growing number of VLAN services. The GlobePEER Remote Service, for instance, provides turnkey connectivity to the DE-CIX exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, while the MetroVLAN service provides private connections to additional networks within DE-CIX New York’s exchange.

The relationship is particularly significant as it provides network operators with more options for getting data from and between different subsea cable landings to edge destinations with minimal latency and cost. Terrestrial connectivity is half the battle, and sometimes half of the cost, when it comes to subsea capacity. It is vital for subsea system operators and the buyers and users of capacity on those systems to have direct access to a neutral interconnection facility that facilitates access to a variety of terrestrial dark fiber and lit service networks at cost effective rates in order for the subsea system to function optimally, both operationally and financially.

In addition to all of the global network operator benefits, the addition of DE-CIX New York at 1025Connect now also provides local Long Island enterprise and carrier networks the unprecedented opportunity to manage Internet traffic more efficiently and reliably while leveraging one of the most cost-effective colocation and interconnection facilities with no monthly recurring costs on cross-connects. DE-CIX New York is the first peering exchange to be directly available on Long Island.

The expansion of DE-CIX New York’s footprint on Long Island provides greater opportunity for Long Island-based operators to gain more control of their networks and access to world-class content providers, as well as IP transit, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and blackholing services to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks. This win-win and highly unique scenario of melding subsea, local access, cloud, content and peering enables unmatched efficiency and cost savings for Internet networks, cloud operators, and content providers in one of the most densely populated areas along the eastern seaboard in the U.S. that is also the network junction point of three continents.

To learn more about 1025Connect, click here.

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