Protecting the Environment

Removal of marine debris and prevention of future accumulations is vitally important to the coastal environment and to humans. Making up approximately 3/4 of all marine debris, plastics persist in the environment for many years and is especially harmful to wildlife. Thousands of birds and marine animals die each year from entanglement in monofilament fishing line, strapping bands, and 6-pack ring holders. Pollution from marine debris also compromises the productivity of wetlands which act as nurseries for commercially and recreationally important fish and shellfish. Marine debris compresses and kills the salt marsh grass which supports the estuary’s food chain, filters pollution, and protects the coast from wave damage.

Clean Beach Club of Lido

Status: Active

The Clean Beach Club Of Lido (CBCO Lido) was founded by Coral, Brooke, Clark and Orion Newby of Lido Beach, New York in 2008. The mission of the CBCO Lido is to take action in and raise awareness of the need for protecting the environment. In 2009 the CBCO Lido was recognized by the Ocean Conservancy of Washington D.C. as the local Lido Beach representative for the New York Chapter of the American Littoral Society for their annual, global beach and waterway clean up.

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