Telecom Exchange West

Telecom Exchange West

 Mar 6th - , 2014 in Denver, CO

Industry Speaking Engagements
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The Net Neutrality Ruling: Uncharted Territory

At Telecom Exchange West, taking place March 6 in Denver, Mr. Newby will participate as an expert panelist for the event’s CEO Roundtable, “The Net Neutrality Ruling: Uncharted Territory.” The panel will center on the topical debate, and current lack of legislative mandates and rulings, on net neutrality that have captured the interest of the country.

“We have achieved many significant milestones during the past year,” comments Newby. “Telecom Exchange is an ideal setting for our team to provide insights on what these achievements mean to our current and future customers and partners.”

Attendees at both events are invited to set up meetings in advance to discuss Allied Fiber’s mission and strategy. 

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