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Fibre Centre’s Ottawa expansion to host the nation’s capital’s Internet Exchange Point

Published on November 23, 2018

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Source: Ottawa Business Journal

The quest to find a new home for the internet in Ottawa reached a satisfying conclusion recently as New Brunswick-based Fibre Centre announced its new local network facility would host the capital’s Internet Exchange Point.

Techopia dug into the importance of a having an IXP in the city earlier this year, but in short, the networking facilities allow content distributors, internet service providers and other large enterprises to plug directly into the internet – keeping the flow of data fast and local.

The Ottawa-Gatineau Internet Exchange, an organization hoping to bring an IXP to the National Capital Region, formed earlier this year with representatives from Invest Ottawa, the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, local ISPs and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority all on board.

OGIX board member and chief technical officer at CIRA Jaques Latour says the group toured a variety of possible locations over the past few months, ranging from traditional data centres to private enterprises seeking to make their site the internet’s local home, but no existing players met the standards for an IXP such as permanency of location and being vendor-neutral when it comes to Canada’s major ISPs.

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